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“ Facilities ”

The school is located in an estate extending around 30 acres in area, of which moret than 10 acres are occupied by the school complex, consisting of a four-floor block, Administrative block, two separate (Boys and Girls) Boarding houses, dispensary, temple, Open Auditorium, staff quarters, and children park etc.

There are number of games fields for football, cricket, Hockey, Volley ball courts, Badminton courts and Athletic track for sports.

Architecturally the campus is unique providing an oasis in serene, healthy natural, pollution free rural surroundings. Lush green trees and plants, with a modern sprinkler system and green houses for nurseries blend ideally with arched, exposed brick-work of imposing buildings.

The infrastructure reflects architectural beauty blending into a aesthetic, surroundings, ensuring a pollution free pleasurable ambience of joy.


Library is adequately provided with periodicals, newspapers and magazines.

Students Stores

Students can procure essential items such as books, notebooks, stationery, toiletries, uniforms etc, from the shop inside the school.

Computer lab

The computer lab is well-furnished, connected with Internet connection to all the computers. Here children have one to one access to the computer, exposing him well to operate the computer. Children from class 1st onwards undergo computer training.


Well-equipped, spacious labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths manned by two lab assistants to provide practical to the students from secondary level onwards.


JPS believes in providing extensive global exposure and linkage for its students and faculty members via the internet, which enables them to be constantly up dated with the current trends in information technology. Internet exposure is provided to students as per the curriculum.


To develop the children mentally and spiritually, children are exposed to Yoga by the Yoga trainer.

Students Exchange Programme

School organizes students exchange programme, keeping in view of widening his outlook internationally. It has already tied up with Mauritius to organize such a programme.

Students Residence

Two three storey buildings house the boys and girls separately. Students stay in two/three members accommodation. Students are accommodated usually with a mixed-age of two classes being together. One warden in each floor looks after the students' requirements, welfare and academic part.

Mess Halls

Separate mess arrangements are made for the boys and girls. Each hall can cater for strength of 200 at a time. The highest standard of well balanced nutritious vegetarian and Non-vegetarian meals are provided to the students accordingly under supervision of the school's management and Hostel wardens.


A fleet of transport engaged in transporting the day students to the school with well-behaved staff.

School Canteen

A well-furnished, hygienic canteen in the school run by the professional caterer to provide snacks to students & staff.


There is liberal scholarship for poor and meritorious students given by Jeevandeep Educational Trust.

Tata Class

Three computer aided learning rooms are established to strenghten the learning process.

V Sat

Virtual class room is created where in students listen & interact with expert in various subject field.