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Besides the subjects being mentioned as per NCERT/CBSE, the following activities are being conducted in order to foster all round development.

Inter-House Competitions

To develop team spirit and co-operative nature, House system has been adopted which is based on Four Leaders of our country and the abbreviation of our House system is STAR :: S stands for Shivaji , T stands for Tagore, A stands for Aurovinda and R stands for Raman.

Each House works under the guidance of one or more teachers, who encourage and help them to take part in various co-curricular activities and competitions. The school lays great emphasis on these group activities as they help in all round development of the personality of the students and brings out best qualities ofcharacter i.e. leadership, co-operation, discipline, self sacrifice and self-control. Various inter-house competitions are being held through out the year on regular interval ranging from education, debate, quiz, etc to devlop intellectually.

Games and Sports

Besides training of intellect, the school lays stress on should health of the students. Physical exercises and games are compulsory so that the students enjoy good health and sound mind. Morning exercises include variety like P.T. Yoga, Aerobics and Jogging.For hostel students, Evening games are compulsory. The students play the following games in the evening Volley Ball, Badminton, Throw ball, Kho-Kho and table Tennis regularly. The students are trained in various games and sports by the qualified coaches employed by the school. In order to spot the talent in this field, inter-House games and sports are held during the session. The students are also provided with the opportunity to participate in different level of tournaments conducted by CBSE.

Display Board

There is intense but friendly inter-house rivalry in preparing display board yearly four times. Students of differnt houses prepare them. The points are given by the judges, which will add up in awarding overall championship.

Computer Education

The school is imparting computer training to its students from class-1st onwards as a part of school curriculum. Computer education helps students in the acquisition and application of knowledge from the very beginning. There is a well-equipped computer lab in the school where each one will have one computer to learn.

Art & Craft

Art being the best medium of self expression, goes a long way in bringing, about the harmonious development of a child’s personality by bringing out, what is the best in him.


Music is an integral part of our curriculum. The students learn both vocal and instrumental music in the well equipped music room. Students are prepared to obtain Diploma in Music from Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya, Chhatisgarh through Nav Sadna Kala Kendra.

Parent Teacher Meeting

The parents have to play paramount role in making the vision of school true. The objective of the school will remain incomplete without the involvement and active partnership of parents. They should guide the children and know about their personal and educational problem and discuss with teachers and principal in parent-teachers meeting to sort out the problems. The Co-operation and suggestions of the parents will be of great help to the school.